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Wellness Support 
in Catawissa, PA

Calm Creek

Location: 130 Main St, Catawissa, PA 17820

Hours: Thurs 10-4, Fri 10-8, Sat 9-3; Other hours by appt

What we offer:

  • Boutique Shop in downtown Catawissa filled with wellness items, local items, spiritual items, boho clothing, books, jewelry, crystals, and self-care/self-help items.

  • Emotional wellness coaching for individuals and families.

  • Intervention and resource/referral support for families or individuals struggling with addiction or mental health.

  • Group programs/classes such as art, dance, yoga, wellness, meditation, stress reduction, coping skills, spiritual growth.

  • Educational presentations on topics including anxiety, trauma, grief, wellness, suicide prevention, addiction.

  • Holistic healing sessions including Reiki, energy healing, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, meditation. 

  • Speaker presentations for your organization or event available on a wide variety of behavioral health topics. 

  • Consultant available to school districts, non-profits, businesses and other organizations with a focus on social, emotional, and mental wellness program development and implementation.

What we specialize in:

  • TRAUMA: Sarah is a certified trauma professional and has spent many years facilitating trauma programs and presentations to local youth, teaching staff, law enforcement, first responders, and community workers.

  • ANXIETY: Sarah has lived with an anxiety disorder her entire life, so she brings both personal and professional experience to all of her programs.

  • GRIEF: Sarah became a widow at the age of 30 which prompted her to start volunteering at a local grief camp. She has a comfort level of supporting others in their grief journey that only a combination of personal experience and professional training can provide.

  • ADDICTION: Sarah provides addiction support to families and individuals in a non-judgmental, understanding way based on years of personal and professional experience.

  • HOLISTIC HEALING: Sarah has studied a wide variety of holistic healing modalities for the past 20 years including Reiki, energy healing, meditation, divine connection, mediumship, intuitive connection, and breathwork. 

  • SPIRITUALITY: Sarah has studied different religions and spiritual beliefs since childhood. She takes yearly trips to Lily Dale, NY, studied Buddhism at Endless Mountains Zendo, took classes with Vivienne Cardin of Ireland, and locally attends Kulp United Methodist Church. 

  • MENTAL HEALTH MODELS: After years of working in school districts and organizations implementing organizational mental health programs, Sarah has become an expert in creating and implementing models for school districts and other organizations. Her models have been featured at state-wide conferences.

Gentle Stream

About the Owner

Sarah Dobeck Troutman

I am an Emotional Wellness Coach specializing in stress, anxiety, grief, trauma, addiction, life changes, and evidence-based coping skills. I have been featured on live TV and radio as well as multiple state and local conferences. I provide a variety of services including individual and family sessions, group programs, educational programs, trainings, consultant work and referral assistance navigating the human service systems. I work with youth, adults, families, groups, non-profit organizations, and school districts. I have over 20 years of experience in the field of human services. In addition to my coaching certification, I also have a Bachelor's of Sociology from Bloomsburg University and a certification in trauma from Lakeside Global Institute.  I am currently attending Millersville University to earn my Master's in Social Work. I am a Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher, and an Intuitive.

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Let's get to work. We'll wade through what you are currently experiencing and come up with immediate plans to begin to implement change.


Variety of holistic healing services available including Reiki, energy healing, and meditation. Available in individual and group sessions.


Topics include suicide prevention, trauma, wellness, stress management, and The Relax Class. Available to small and large groups.

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